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Société Wallonne de Photogrammétrie rue Van Opré, 97 , Namur (Jambes) , Belgium , B 5100

The company Walphot (Walloon Society for Photogrammetry) is active in Belgium, mainly in Wallonia, but also participates in various European projects. Supplier of space products, the company is competent Walphot on the entire geographic data chain from information capture to the supply of specific products or integrated services (GIS and etc...).
To increase performance and to provide a diverse range of quality products, the company developed Walphot privileged partnerships with Eurosense group and ESRI BeLux. Walphot company is also developing a quality program that forms part of an ISO certification obtained in 1996 and renewed regularly since (ISO 9001: 2008, all products and services offered by Lloyds). Walphot is competent in the following different areas:
Aerial Photography, Airborne LiDAR, Aerial thermography, processing and interpretation of images from satellites and airborne systems, production photogrammetric and topographic maps, inventory of trees along roads, digital orthophotography and environmental studies

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