Wallonie Espace

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  +32 4 367 30 63
Liège Science Park, WSL Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais,3 , ANGLEUR-LIEGE , Belgium , B-4031

Wallonie Espace is an association of industries and universities concerned by geoinformation, space research and development in Wallonia and Brussels, whose members are actively demonstrating expertise and excellence in various fields and with specific applications of space technology.

The objectives of Wallonie Espace:

-To promote the valuable know-how of the space sector, towards the public authorities in order to obtain the financial resources reinforcing its competitiveness at the international level.
-To stimulate the interest of the public and of the youth about the impact of the space systems and around the jobs in the space sector, to maintains reservoir of competences for the future.
-To favour the exchange of information in order to enhance the conditions around the development of space activities in Wallonia and at Brussels.
-To develop a joint prospective view that goes beyond the immediate needs of each enterprise and every laboratory in the association.

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