VITO – Remote Sensing and Earth Observation Group

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During the last 10 years VITO’s Remote Sensing and Earth Observation department has steadily grown with a broad recognition on national and European scale. TAP intends to further expand the service center with new highly specialized services and information products, ensuring a better monitoring of environmental processes including vegetation and crop monitoring related parameters. To improve their environmental applications, research is focused on the development and demonstration of image processing algorithms and associated models using data from both airborne as space borne optical sensors.

Using a High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (HALE UAV) for Remote Sensing is another idea that originated at TAP in 2000. TAP is also responsible for developing and implementing the full data acquisition chain of the sensor, including the planning of flight campaigns, the ground measurements, geometric and atmospheric correction, and end-user support.

The Global Vegetation Research group at VITO targets the use of medium and low resolution optical and thermal remote sensing data for improve image processing algorithms, design, development, and demonstration of algorithms, methodologies, and associated processing chains for products that optimally reflect vegetation growth and related parameters from raw satellite imagery, monitor vegetation processes, develop, build, improve and demonstrate long term time series analysis to contribute to the understanding and monitoring of regional vegetation processes, including agricultural productivity, land cover change and modification, carbon sequestration, etc.

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