University of Warsaw – Dept. of Geoinformatics, Cartography and Remote Sensing

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  +48 22 55 21 510
  +48 22 55 21 521
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 30 , Warszawa , Poland , 00-927

The Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies of the University of Warsaw gathers scientists representing a whole spectrum of the geography and related sciences (Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing, and GIS). Staff members organize and participate in international scientific exchanges and initiatives (amongst others, as active members of the committees of the International Geographical Union, International Association for Landscape Ecology, European Urban Research Association, European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, and International Association of Hydrological Sciences), cooperate with major Polish publishers and work as external experts on issues related to environment and spatial management, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

The focus of the department is on:
--- Application of high resolution and hyperspectral imagery in mountain plants analysis,
--- Application of high resolution and hyperspectral imagery in city planning and structure analysis,
--- Use of aerial and satellite imagery in studies of environmental transformations,
--- Development of remote sensing and geoinformatic techniques for the purpose of environmental research

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