University of Wageningen – Laboratory of Geoinformation Science and Remote Sensing

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  +31 317 474640
  +31 317 474707
Droevendaalsesteeg 3 Gaia, buildingnumber 101 , Wageningen , Netherlands , 6708 PB

Within the laboratory of Geoinformation science and remote sensing, a close cooperation with the Alterra specialization on Geoinformation exists. Research in Geoinformation science covers a wide range of subjects. The following main themes have been selected to delineate the center's identity: providing Geoinformation for rural areas: making knowledge and information available to underpin policy decisions on natural resources; monitoring rural areas; developing GIS-based and RS-based methods for monitoring rural areas, at national as well as global levels; quantitative retrieval of geobiophysical and -chemical variables from spatially distributed data at scales from local to global for environmental management.

Besides the MSc Geoinformation Science, the group participate in the part-time MSc, the Master of Science in Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA).

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