Telecommunications & Remote Sensing Lab – University of Pavia

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  +39 0382 985923
  +39 0382 422583
Via Ferrata, 1 , Pavia , Italy , 27100

Telecommunications & Remote Sensing Lab's central research goal in University of Pavia is to advance understanding of the Earth system sciences using Earth observation methods. The main focus of the Lab is divided into two sections which are Telecommunications and Remote Sensing.
In Remote Sensing section, the lab contributes at national and international levels to the conceptual development of SAR data analysis, ISAR for Target Identification, EO for risk management and post-disaster assessment, remote sensing of urban areas, data fusion and EO for risk, and hyperspectral and thermal EO. Telecommunications & Remote Sensing Lab supports remote sensing education at the Master (M.Sc.), and doctoral (Ph.D.), as well as PostDoc levels.

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