University of Zurich

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  + 41 44 6355111
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Winterthurerstr. 190 , Zurich , Switzerland , 8057

University of Zurich has the largest Geography Department in Switzerland and offers a wide range of teaching and research facilities. It is divided into six divisions, i.e.: Physical Geography, Human Geography, Economic Geography, Remote Sensing Laboratories, Geographic Information Visualization & Analysis Geographic Information Systems.
They support complete observing system approaches with our well-qualified scientists, our physical infrastructure (measurement instrumentation, processing facilities), and our information infrastructure (models, processors (SAR, LIDAR, spectroscopy), spatial data infrastructure).
In Remote Sensing Laboratories remote sensing education at the Bachelor (B.Sc.), Master (M.Sc.), and doctoral (Ph.D.), as well as PostDoc and tenure track levels have been supported.
The GIScience Centre is responsible for teaching and research in geographic information science within the Department of Geography. The GIScience Centre consist of Geographic Information Visualization & Analysis (GIVA), Geocomputation (Geocomp) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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