The Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (RJGC)

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  +962 6 534 5 188
  +962 6 534 7 694
Building No.92, Ahmad tarawneh St., Jubaiha, , Amman , Jordan

The Royal Jordanian Geographic Center (RJGC) provides all institutions in public and private sectors with all kinds of maps, charts, aerial and space images, geographical information and survey points coordinates of high resolution, in addition to qualifying and training technicians, universities and colleges students on surveying sciences by the most updated surveying and mapping software, particularly those related with geographical information system and geospatial data under the challenges of the modern era represented in the rapid change, intense competition, enormous development in information and communications technology.

RJGC lately make many achievements for both civil and military sectors. Also RJGC is a strategic partner in the march of comprehensive development on the national level seeks hardly to provide the military forces with maps, aerial and space images, updated geographical information, establishing geographical cells in various formations and units of military forces, training and qualifying technicians, receiving military delegations from other countries, organizing scientific conferences and workshops in the fields of geographical information systems applications in defense, survey and geographical names.

The vision of RJGC is to be a leading Centre of Excellence locally and regionally in surveying and space sciences and their mission is to keep up with worldwide developments in the field of geospatial sciences to provide up-to-date and accurate services, maps and geospatial data to be the base for development and defense operations, training and rehabilitation locally and regionally, and to disseminate knowledge to the service recipients. RJGC conducts Master Program in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

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