Taiwan National Space Organization (NSPO)

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8F, 9, Prosperity 1st Road, Science-Based Industrial Park , Hsin-Chu , Taiwan

The National Space Program Office (NSPO) is the civilian space agency of Taiwan was established on October 1991 and was renamed to the National Apace Organization on April 1, 2005. NSPO is involved in different research fields such as:  national security defense in China, space weapons, information science, astrophysics, and remote sensing. NSPO has responsibilities in the development of technology and infrastructure for construction of series of Earth observation satellite names as FORMOSAT.

NSPO has been working on SLV program (Satellite Launch Vehicle) and they have intend to placing an satellite made indigenously into orbit during the second phase of the 2004-2018 project, after 10 to 15 successful sounding rockets. NSPO has close relationship with the military Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) and they have been working on a sounding rocket for upper atmospheric studies. The missions of  NSPO  are to establish indigenous satellite technology and innovation and promote space science and technology.

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