Spain National Institute of Aerospace Technology

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  +34 91 520 1200
  +34 91 675 5263
Carretera de Ajalvir, km 4 28850 TORREJÓN DE ARDOZ , Madrid , Spain

The Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA, English: National Institute of Aerospace Technology) is a public research organization as Spain’s space agency which established on 1942 by Esteban Terradas and founded as the National Institute of Aeronautics. This institute has developed an intense activity in aeronautical field and the ambit of space, but research and development (e.g. in material, remote sensing) and certification and testing are two main activity of this institute. This institute also provides technical assessment and services to official bodies and agencies, and even to industrial or technological companies.

INTA designed atmospheric sounding rockets such as: INTA-100, INTA-255, INTA-300, Capricornio and also lunched five satellites such as: INTASAT on November 1974, LBSAT on July 1995, Minisat 01 on April 1997, Nanosat 01 on December 2004, and Nanosat 1B July 2009. All satellites are designed and made in Spain.

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