Romanian Space Agency (ROSA)

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21-25 Mendeleev str. , Bucharest , Romania , 010362

The national co-ordinating body of the space activities is the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), established in 1991 and reorganized by a Government Decision in 1995 as an independent public institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Research and Technology (actually, the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport).

The missions of ROSA are to promote and coordinate development and national efforts in the field, and, as a Government representative, to promote international cooperation. In particular, ROSA is authorized to establish research and development centers oriented on specific objectives of the Romanian Space Programme. ROSA is developing its own research and development projects.

One of the ROSA´s main responsibilities is to coordinate and integrate the activities of the national space research and development programme. In cooperation with the Science Council for Aeronautics and Space of the Government's Advisory Board for Research and Development, the public financing body, ROSA coordinates projects towards: basic space science, space structures, technologies, microgravity, communications, information, education, Earth observation and remote sensing applications, life sciences and medicine. Since 2001, ROSA is the contract authority for the National Aeronautics and Space Programme. Beginning with 2004, ROSA acts as the executive president of the Inter-ministerial Group for Security Research (HG 1574).

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