Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd (RSAC)

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Long Barn Sutton Manor Farm Bishop\'s Sutton , Alresford , United Kingdom , SO24 0AA

Remote Sensing Applications Consultants (RSAC) was established in 1986 to provide specialist services to developers and users of Earth observation. The company continues to develop expertise in the use of remotely sensed data and associated technologies for land applications, world-wide. In addition to image pre-processing and analysis, this expertise encompasses GIS, field data collection, staff training, software customisation and project support / management.

RSAC applies computer-based satellite image analysis techniques operationally, maintaining a leading edge in this fast changing field through active participation in UK, European Union (EU) and European Space Agency (ESA) projects. The company has in-depth experience with the range of commercially available satellite imagery; in particular IKONOS, SPOT, Landsat, IRS, AVHRR, ERS, RADARSAT and ENVISAT as well as airborne data (CASI, SLAR, Lidar) and aerial photographs. RSAC has specialised in developing methods for the effective use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, either alone or in conjunction with optical imagery, producing customised operational systems and agricultural & land applications (eg SABRES).

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