Israel Space Agency (ISA)

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The Israel Space Agency (ISA; Hebrew: סוכנות החלל הישראלית‎, Sochnut HeHalal HaYisraelit) is a governmental body, a part of Israel's Ministry of Science and Technology, that coordinates all Israeli space research programs with scientific and commercial goals. The Israel Space Agency's goals include advancing infrastructural research at academic and research institutions; supporting the development of innovative and unique space technologies by Israel Aerospace Industries.
The agency was founded by the theoretical physicist Professor Yuval Ne'eman in 1983 to replace the National Committee for Space Research which was established in 1960 to set up the infrastructure required for space missions. The agency is currently headed by Professor Isaac Ben Israel as Chairman and Menachem Kidron as Director General. Today, Israel is the smallest country with indigenous launch capabilities.
ISA works in partnership with diverse space related industries, including among others, the Experiment and Integration Center, ground monitoring and control stations and remote satellites receiving stations. The development of small and lightweight payload and satellites enables vast usage for scientific exploration and space research contributes to ISA and Israel international prestige, respect and space power.

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