Iranian Space Agency (ISA)

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No34 - Sayeh st. Vali e asr st. , Tehran , Iran

The Iranian Space Agency (ISA, Persian: سازمان فضایی ایران Sázmán e Fazái e Irán) is a governmental space agency and was established on February 1, 2004. Within five years after ISA establishment, Iran became an orbital launch capable nation. ISA is responsible to cover and support all the space activities for peaceful application and technology under the leadership of Iran’s president.The main goals of ISA are to define and implementation of space research policy aiming peaceful purposes, manufacturing, lunching and using indigenous satellite, and increasing the partnership with private and corporative sector.

ISA has been working on SLV program (Satellite Launch Vehicle) since 2000, after the initial production of the Shahab-3 (the Iranian Medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM)). Until now ISA had launched three SLV (Safir, Safir-1B, and Simorgh) and eight sub-orbital sounding rockets. ISA also had launched five successful satellites in to orbit for research purposes (Sinah-1, Environmental-1(Joint satellite of Iran, China, and Thailand), Omid, Rasad-1, and Navid-e Elm-o Sanat) and over 20 unlaunched satellites, which their launch date are not yet confirmed. In 2011, Over ten laboratories were launched by ISA for testing space structure and system, reinforcement of space agency’s infrastructures and improvement of skills and abilities of human resources.

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