GISTDA (Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency)

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  +66(2) 141 4470
  +66(2) 143 9586
Building B 6th and 7th Floor, Chaeng Wattana Road, Lak Si District , Bangkok , Thailand , 10210

GISTDA (Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency) is a public and core organization of Thailand. GISTDA was established on November 3, 2000. GISTDA is responsible for space all technology and geo-information activities. In 1979, TRSC (Thailand Remote Sensing Center) started its work under NRCT (National Research Council of Thailand) division and has been involved in satellite remote sensing ever since.

In 2004, the Thailand first operational Earth Observation Satellite (THESO) program was initiated by GISTDA and EADS Astrium. The THailand Earth Observation Satellite (THEOS) is the first operational earth observation satellite of Thailand. The THEOS program was developed by GISTDA, EADS Astrium, the prime contractor, initiated work on the satellite in 2004. On October 1, 2008, THEOS was successfully launched by Dnepr launcher from Yasny, Russian Federation. Today, GISTDA is developing a worldwide network of distributors to allow the users to use and access to all GISTDA products.

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