CONAE (Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales)

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Av Paseo Colón 751 , Ciudad Buenos Aires , Argentina , 1063

As a specialized agency of the Argentine State, CONAE is the only government body to understand, design, execute, control, manage and administer space projects and entrepreneurships throughout the country. It represents the Nation's civil research and development capabilities in space activities. To accomplish its mission, CONAE has to plan, execute and evaluate a National Space Programme for peaceful use of space science and technology.In 1994, CONAE released the “Argentina in Space 1995-2006” program, implementing a broad range of activities to be carried out in the light of its general objectives. This program is to be periodically updated with at least a decade horizon for the Nation’s future space activities. Each review includes new knowledge and latest technological developments for space applications as well as local environmental and social requirements. CONAE is now executing Argentina in Space Program Revision 1997-2008, an up-to-date version of it is being submitted for Government approval.The National Space Program highlights the idea of “Space Information Cycles”. Each cycle gets together a number of subsequent stages, i.e. sensing, generation, transmission, processing, archive, distribution and use of space information.

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