Brazilian Space Agency (AEB)

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  +61 3411-5159
Sector Officer, Area 5, Block 3, Block A , Brasília , 70610 200

Agência Espacial Brasileira is established in February 10, 1994 as a civilian authority for Brazil space program. The previous Brazil's space program had been under the control of military and it was transferred to the AEB. The INPE (National Institute for Space Research) also  is a civilian research center for aerospace activities and it is in a close cooperation with  the AEB. Brazil has become a leader country in Latin America in space program and also  a valuable partner for cooperation in the ISS (International Space Station).

The first Brazilian satellite (SCD-1) was successfully launched in the 1990s and also SCD-2 was successfully launched in 1998 which performing betters that SCD-1. A rocket explosion in 2003 was caused a major setback in the space program, but the AEB joint technological development with more advance space programs. Therefore, the AEB to pursue these advance programs, started to work closely with China, Russia and United States.

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