Belarus Space Agency (BSA)

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  + (375 17) 284-21-75
Str. Surganova 6 , Minsk , Belarus , 220012

Belarus Space Agency (BSA) (Russian: Белорусское космическое агентство) was established in 2009. It is a governmental organization which is responsible for all space research programs with scientific and commercial goals. BSA has very close association with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

BSA together with Roskosmos (Russia), SSAU (Ukraine) and KazCosmos (Kazakhstan) are making joint efforts to adapt their existing geoinformation systems to particular applications. However, no formal agreements on the development of common Geographic information system has been signed. BSA as expanding cooperation with Roskosmos and to make fuller use of a prospective group of Russian-Belarusian ERS satellites, started the construction of a mission control station (MCC). BSA started its first remote Earth sensing system in August 2012. BSA is developing a new high-resolution ERS satellite, the so-called “flying telescope” in partnership with Roskosmos, which will be placed into orbit in 2015.

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