British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC)

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The British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC) was established in 1985, and represents the interests of all those involved in remote sensing activities, from major companies to SMEs and independent consultants. Objectives Conserve, promote and protect the interests of, and encourage co-operation between, all UK companies, partnerships and individuals offering and undertaking consulting and contracting services in the field of remote sensing. Ensure that the interests of the Members of the Association are fully represented in all national, international and government committees which may exist and exert influence on the spheres of interest of Members.

Liaise with Government departments, academic institutions and other similar bodies when undertaking contractual remote sensing activities in the operation of the professional and commercial services provided by Members. Encourage international funding and executing Agencies or organisations instigating remote sensing projects overseas to co-operate with BARSC and its Members. Provide a forum for representations to government and other appropriate bodies in connection with overseas trade visits and exhibitions. Do all such other things as may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives

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