Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency (ANASA)

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AZ1106, 159, av. Azadlig, , Baku , Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency (ANASA) was established in 1975 within the structure of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan as the Scientific Centre “Caspiy” and in 1981 on the base of this Centre was set up Scientific-Industrial Association of Space Researches. Since February, 21, 1992; Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency (ANASA) on the base Scientific-Industrial Association of Space Researches was created. It is a governmental organization that coordinates all space research programs with scientific and commercial purposes. During the Soviet era, some of Azerbaijani factories produced equipment for scape projects.

In 2009, Azerbaijani space industry boosted as new agency set up under the state program for development of space industry. In 2013, production of the in-country assembly of VSAT(Very Small Aperture satellite Terminal) was proposed. This project was proposed in order to create the space industry. Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a, also known as AzerSat-1 satellite was launched on February 7, 2013 with mission duration of 15 years. Azerspace-2 is also in preparation and will be lunched in future.

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