The Algerian Space Agency (ASAL)

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  + 213 21 94 11 07
  + 213 21 94 10 50
14 Rue Omar Aissaoui El Hammadia , Bouzareah , Algerie

The Algerian Space Agency (ASAL, Arabic: الوكالة الفضائية الجزائرية‎) is a national public institution which was established on January 16, 2002. ASAL has bilateral cooperation with other space agencies like Argentina (CONAE), French (CNES), and Ukraine (NSAU). ASAL also has memoranda of understanding and cooperation with Russia (Roscosmos), China (CNSA), Germany (DLR), and India (IRSO).

The main goal of ASAL is to make the space program an efficient vector of economic, social and cultural development of the country and ensure the safety and well-being of the national community. ASLA is responsible for strengthen national capacities by establish a space infrastructure, provide a policy of bilateral and multilateral cooperation to national needs, development and implement of space activities related to the various sectors, and monitoring and evaluation of regional and international space activities. ASAL was successfully launched Alsat-1 and Alsat-2A in the period 2002-2010 and in the future Alsat-2B and Alsat-3 will be launched.

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